Watering Deeply is Vital For Tree Health

Trees have a root that grows deep down into the earth called the taproot. It grows straight down under the tree and it’s the main root from which all the other feeder roots develop. The taproot also anchors the tree into place. Ensuring this deep-growing tap root receives plenty of water is vital for the health and growth of the tree.

Deep root watering for a tree is vital for longevity and production, unfortunately, most trees never receive this type of watering and have a shortened, weakened lifespan. Compacted soil and shallow watering (either done by hand or sparse rainfall) cause trees to develop a shallow root and short taproot.

Deep Root Irrigation

Getting the water deep into the soil under a young tree will promote a deep-growing taproot. A tree watering irrigation tool will enable you to get the water exactly where it needs to be so the tree roots will grow downward instead of near the surface of the soil.

Money Saver

A tree watering irrigation tool will also save money on your home’s water bill since none of the water will be lost through run-off. This type of irrigation tool is shaped like a ‘T’ and installed directly into the ground near the tree. A water hose is connected to the tool and it will deliver the water deep into the soil at a steady rate so the taproot will remain well hydrated while growing deep and strong. It’s eco-friendly and helps conserve water.

Stainless Steel

Varomorus stainless steel tree irrigation tool will resist rust and corrosion, lasting for many years. It’s an investment that will enable your trees to grow healthy and strong while saving you money and reducing water waste.

A deep taproot will also help keep the tree anchored into the ground during stormy weather. The deep taproot may one day save your home by keeping the tree anchored securely into the ground instead of uprooting and crashing into your home.



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  • Linda

    This is a really efficient tool. It saved a couple of young trees I planted at my yard. After deep watering with this feeder, the trees started to grow vigorously! My trees are happy, thank you!

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