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Corn Seeding Process - How To Plant Corn

Fresh ears of corn are a favorite summertime treat. Boiled, grilled, roasted, or fried, corn is a must-have at any family get-together. One way to ensure the corn is fresh and organic is to grow it in your home garden. The corn seeding process is very simple and anyone can grow corn, even if your garden is very small. Use these tips for seeding corn and enjoy the taste of summer in about 55 days after planting.

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The Importance of Soil Testing

Collecting garden soil to be tested in a laboratory is essential for optimum plant growth and vegetable production. The soil feeds the plant and if the soil is lacking any vital nutrient or mineral, it will be unable to support healthy plant life. The only way to determine what the soil may be lacking or have an abundance of is with a soil test. The soil will be analyzed in a laboratory and the result will let you know what amendments should be incorporated into the garden soil before planting.

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Watering Deeply is Vital For Tree Health

Trees have a root that grows deep down into the earth called the taproot. It grows straight down under the tree and it’s the main root from which all the other feeder roots develop. The taproot also anchors the tree into place. Ensuring this deep-growing tap root receives plenty of water is vital for the health and growth of the tree.

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